We Exist Because The Need Exists


Welcome to Doing Impeccable Greatness (D.I.G.), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of creating a culture of success and providing support to former foster youth as they navigate the challenges of childhood and adulthood.

Our mission is to empower youth by offering them access to local programs that help them gain valuable life experience and support.

We recognize that former foster youth face unique challenges when transitioning out of foster care, including:

1. lack of resources

2.Limited support networks

3. Difficulty finding stable housing and employment.

We believe that every Former Foster Youth deserves the opportunity to succeed and build a better future for themselves, regardless of their circumstances. That's why we work tirelessly to provide former foster youth with access to programs and resources that can help them achieve their goals.


We accept donations to help our mission :

Paypal: doingimpeccablegreatness

Zelle: doingimpeccablegreatness

Cashapp: doingimpeccablegreatness